On reading what you write--or not

I’m once again participating in a Round Robin. This month’s topic: Whatever genre you write, do you have a different one that you love to read? 
Perhaps it started with Desiree.
I devoured the 1951 novel by Annemarie Selinko when I found it in the high school library. I may have seen the 1954 movie with Marlon Brando and Jean Simmons before seeking out the book, but I can’t be sure. The story of Napoleon’s first love who married a French general and eventually became Queen of Sweden is a romance novelist’s dream. While not a rags to riches story, as our heroine was born to a wealthy French family, she did overcome early disappointments, finally find romance, and then voila! is a Queen. Though never happy in that role, on the surface, Desiree is a fairy tale.
So I have long liked that period in history and have settled into reading Regencies, the more or less English side of the Napoleonic era. 
But I write contemporary romance and an occasional women’s fiction, as well as short romances for Woman’s World Magazine. What’s the deal?

Is it all the Dukes and the sometimes Earl? The clothes or gambling houses? All the servants? The ofttimes rags to riches story? How about the spies left over from the Napoleonic Wars? Is it that my favorite authors inhabit this time period so wonderfully that I don’t want to move on? I’m comfortable here. 
I don’t obsess over whether an author has a title or carriage correct. I just go with the story, the romance. So it only seems fair to list a few of my favorite authors of the genre, those that get it right:
Lorraine Heath who has also written beautifully within the Victorian period 
CS Harris, whose St. Cyr mystery series has me waiting impatiently for the next one. And, yes, there’s a romance arc. 
Grace Burrowes, a very prolific author who keeps you reading for all the members of the family 
Other members of the Round Robin are also cluing you in to what they read and why. Please check them out!