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The Amaryllis Experiment

I like to plant amaryllis every fall for gifting. They are a beautiful flower, grown in a pot, and always a surprise. One stalk or two? Four blooms per stalk, which is the norm, or five or six or—once!—seven! Sometimes [...]

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You know you're old(er) when...

I had lunch today at a fast food place which specializes in burgers and ice cream. It was recommended by a friend as a 'guilty pleasure' for her whenever she finishes a medical appointment. Since I had done the same, [...]

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The revenge of the redbud tree

Redbud trees (cercis canadensis) are lovely additions to any yard. In the springtime they will be covered with pinky-purple flowers for several weeks. Around here, they are harbingers that winter is almost over.  These flowers produce seed pods and these [...]

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