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You know you're old(er) when...

I had lunch today at a fast food place which specializes in burgers and ice cream. It was recommended by a friend as a ‘guilty pleasure’ for her whenever she finishes a medical appointment. Since I had done the same, and it was lunch time, I decided to try it.  The place was busy, the […]

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The revenge of the redbud tree

Redbud trees (cercis canadensis) are lovely additions to any yard. In the springtime they will be covered with pinky-purple flowers for several weeks. Around here, they are harbingers that winter is almost over.  These flowers produce seed pods and these seed pods are spread, generously it would appear in our yard, by the wind and […]

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An Homage to Wagon Train

I suppose it says something about the state of daytime, or anytime, TV for that matter, but we have recently discovered the INSP channel. It deals in Westerns, both movies and TV shows and we have become faithful fans of the once-and-beloved series Wagon Train. The series ran from 1957-1965, evolving for black and white […]

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