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On reading what you write--or not

I’m once again participating in a Round Robin. This month’s topic: Whatever genre you write, do you have a different one that you love to read?    Perhaps it started with Desiree.   I devoured the 1951 novel by Annemarie Selinko when I found it in the high school library. I may have seen the […]

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The value of reading aloud

Several weeks ago, my husband suggested that I write a column for our local internet newspaper, the North Texas e-News, about my mother’s waffle iron and breakfast with her. I did so, found proper photos, submitted it to the paper’s administration account, and forgot about it.  Then we had a granddaughter show up earlier than […]

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March Round Robin: Scene and Character

This month’s topic: Are you ever emotionally drained when writing a scene and are your characters real to you? The short answers are yes and yes.    But why?    I must admit that being emotionally drained for me usually only occurs when I’ve written an emotionally intense scene between the characters. A denouement or […]

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