Snowball in July

For everyone else, today, July 16, 2018, is Amazon Prime Day. And a fun time is to be had by all, I'm sure. But to me, July 16, no matter the year, is Snowball Day. If you've explored this site [...]

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On Saying a Final Goodbye to Lucille

            In the South, as I hope elsewhere, neighbors are important. There are the ones next door, the ones across the street, the ones in the next block. But for us, for many years, the most important neighbor we had [...]

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From the same ingredients... something different!

I love reading the recipes in Woman's World Magazine. So when I found one in the March 5 issue for a no-yeast Cinnamon Roll Bread, I quickly cut it out. It's from Melissa's Southern Cookbook: Tried and True Family Recipes [...]

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