Is there any Miss Clairol left?

With the recent closing of hair salons, I'm beginning to wonder how long it will take before everyone begins to look unkempt. Not that the meme which surfaced a few weeks ago--it will be only 3 or 4 weeks before [...]

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How to train a human by Freckles, Kitten

My name is Freckles and I'm the newest member of the Sisk household. Shortly after that previous insulting post by the human, my brother Goldie went back to our first home. Blah, blah, blah everyone thought he'd be happier there [...]

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Kittens: pi-squared, Kay: 0

Yes, that's right, I'm being outfoxed and outwitted by a pair of kittens. My mother was very cat savvy so I learned from her. Then I had the good fortune to have two neighbors who were encyclopedic in their knowledge [...]

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