I never met a turkey recipe...

...I didn't want to try. And a new one to me popped up on TV the other day: oven-smoked turkey. I mean, how could I resist? Over the years, our Thanksgivings have been varied. We've had quail, duck, pheasant, rib [...]

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The ol' 80/20

It's common knowledge, or at least well-substantiated myth, that there is an 80/20 rule. It goes something like this: We do/use/see 20% of anything 80% of the time. Which begs the question, what are we doing with the other 80% [...]

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Snowball in July

For everyone else, today, July 16, 2018, is Amazon Prime Day. And a fun time is to be had by all, I'm sure. But to me, July 16, no matter the year, is Snowball Day. If you've explored this site [...]

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