My timely reminder

The first timely reminder I need is to write more on my blog! Oops! I'm going to be better. Surely. 

But the timely reminder of the title is my new Apple Watch I received for Christmas. I am so pleased with it: the faces, the weather, the messages, the things it can do… the nagging.

That's right. It nags. Now, some of this is good nagging, like when I've been sitting too long and I get a little ping on my wrist to stand up and move about. That's a good nag. And there are funny nags, like the one I get about 9 PM which says that I could close that movement ring if I'd just do a brisk 18 minute walk! Yeah. The only walk I'm doing at 9 PM is to bed. 

But today, I got a different nag, one that made me quirk a brow and say… really, watch? Really?

Five or six days a week I walk either outside or on a treadmill. About three miles. Fairly brisk pace depending upon the outside temp or the excitement of the video I'm watching. Today, I did neither. Very cold weather and some place I had to be at 8:30. So at noon, I got a reminder that I was behind my usual activity. Get with it!

Not really going to happen. Still too cold to walk outside (what is this… January?) and I've too much to do at the computer to watch a video. 

But now I know my beloved new watch is a nag. Sorta' like the cat who arrives at my feet at 4 PM reminding me that supper time approaches. Don't you just love it?

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It must be nice to have a nag you can actually turn off if you want to! Or a nag you can just ignore without hurting feelings! Maybe I should try one…