March Round Robin: Scene and Character

This month’s topic: Are you ever emotionally drained when writing a scene and are your characters real to you?

The short answers are yes and yes. 
But why? 
I must admit that being emotionally drained for me usually only occurs when I’ve written an emotionally intense scene between the characters. A denouement or a love scene, something which has made the characters, specifically the hero and heroine, learn deep truths about each other, physically, emotionally, spiritually. Something has changed and it has sent their relationship in a different direction and we’re all going to have to get used to it and go along for the ride. 
With such an intense connection then, it’s reasonable that the characters are real to me. Specifically, the ones in my six book series, Bone Cold—Alive, are. I’ve grown to know them, warts and all. And just like our real relationships, I don’t always like them nor can I always control them. Authors say a character takes over a scene or chapter—and she does! Of course, in romance, although the character may seem on the surface to have few redeemable characteristics, they are, of course, redeemable to the max. Therefore, by the end of the book, by the time they’ve had their ups and downs, they’ve earned their happy endings.
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