You know you're old(er) when...

I had lunch today at a fast food place which specializes in burgers and ice cream. It was recommended by a friend as a ‘guilty pleasure’ for her whenever she finishes a medical appointment. Since I had done the same, and it was lunch time, I decided to try it. 

The place was busy, the staff helpful. I ordered a cheeseburger and fries, water. I asked the young woman if she’d have a single or double meat and she suggested the single. It was good choice. 

I found a table and, as I waited to be served, I observed that most of the customers were familiar with the menu and some with each other. It was a local gathering spot. My meal was promptly served. The burger was good. I found the fries to be a bit salty, but I don’t salt my food, so that was to be expected. 

At the table across from me was an old(er) gentleman well into his meal. I think he was older than I am, but it’s getting harder to tell. He finished his meal, disappeared to the order counter and came back. An ice cream was served him. 

After he cleared his table off, he reappeared beside me and asked if I was a frequent customer. I explained it was my first time. Was I then, he informed me, aware that I could order a Kiddie Meal? It would consist of a burger, fries (probably a smaller serving which would have been good as I couldn’t eat the portion I was served), drink and a tear off strip for an ice cream. He said a little over $6. Heck of a deal. AND, here was the best part he thought, there was a voucher inside the Kiddie bag and after 10 vouchers, you got a free meal!

I hadn’t given much thought to going back except to perhaps try the chicken sandwich offering, but I think now I have to. And I suppose he recognized a fellow old(er) citizen and thought I needed a break!