The ol' 80/20

It’s common knowledge, or at least well-substantiated myth, that there is an 80/20 rule. It goes something like this: We do/use/see 20% of anything 80% of the time. Which begs the question, what are we doing with the other 80% that belongs to the 20?

Maybe we can answer that here. For as far as my wardrobe is concerned, I’ve read a fix for that. But to start somewhat closer to the beginning. 

I spent years sewing my own wardrobe. It was cheaper, I wouldn’t meet myself anywhere, and I could have as many changes of garments as my fabric budget would allow. But then patterns got more expensive, clothing fabric became scarcer to find (at least where I live), and sales were better. A careful shopper could buy ready-made cheaper than purchase pattern, fabric, and labor to make the same garment. And I do love a good sale. 

So, and we all know where this is going, I eased out of sewing and into buying on sale. I have to LOVE LOVE LOVE a (insert piece of clothing here) to buy it full price. That is not to say I haven’t. It is just to say, I buy more on sale. And end of season. (Love end of season) And then to add injury to an already stuffed closet, I don’t like giving anything up. To my near embarrassment, I keep clothes, especially skirts, long past their current season. Or three. Or five. Or until it no longer fits. Sometimes, things shrink in the closet. Hmmm. But that it not our topic.

Enter the 80/20 rule. I truly do wear 20% of my wardrobe 80% of the time. Thanks to an obviously can’t-mind-their-own-business article, there is a solution. (I am not a minimalist. It must have been some other kind of article.) When a garment is ready to be hung back into the closet, reverse the way the hanger is hung. 

Oh, how slovenly! Ouch! Hate it! But I’m giving it a try. Already, I’ve had to reach for a different pale yellow T-shirt than the one I must wear 80% of the time. As to white ones… let’s not go there. I am going to make exceptions: crop pants and shorts. I have few of those (relatively speaking) and their hangers will all be aligned neatly. 

We’ll see how this goes. The article, that interfering piece of journalism, then suggested that if you hadn’t worn said item in 6 months, it should go elsewhere. Maybe if one starts at the beginning of the season, but I’ve started at the end. So I’m giving every summer thing a pass for the year. 

Winter had better watch out.

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