On ending the closet experiment

As the calendar summer draws to a close, it’s time to update my clothing experiment. Back in the spring I started hanging the tops I’d worn “backwards” in my closet since I reach for the same items over and over. The bottom line was: if I wasn’t going to wear a particular top (shorts, crops, and skirts were exempt), then it needed to go to someone who would.

I have now cycled through all but one of my sleeveless tops. And the reason I haven’t worn the slinky navy thing with the tiny buttons that I wanted but wouldn’t buy until it went on sale is that it is slinky and hot in 100 degree weather. I will save it for fall. And if I don’t wear it then, it must go away. So, having cycled through the closet, the question is, do I start to wear and hang “forward,” thereby reversing the process? That seems like an awful lot of thought for a summer top, so probably not. 

But this has taught me that unless I concentrate on it, I will indeed wear 10% of my wardrobe 90% of the time. It has also kept me away–with one exception–from buying any more clothes this summer, even on big sales! 

That said, this is my birthday month and we all know that little “happy birthday” coupons rain in the mailbox. How fortuitous for me, that the summer sales are getting even bigger!

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