I never met a turkey recipe...

…I didn’t want to try.

And a new one to me popped up on TV the other day: oven-smoked turkey. I mean, how could I resist?

Over the years, our Thanksgivings have been varied. We’ve had quail, duck, pheasant, rib roast, and, yes, turkey. I’ve stayed with the latter the last few years, but I’m not immune to varying the preparation.

There was the too-slow cooked turkey. It was delicious, but probably not advisable as I later learned. The traditional oven bag turkey. Okay. The discovery of fresh turkeys. I never looked back. The year I watched Emeril do a brined turkey was a turning point and I stuck with that recipe (yum!) until I bought an outdoor smoker. In true family fashion, no one believed the turkey could be successfully smoked until I did one pre-Thanksgiving and it was good. That’s what we had that year. And then my smoker and I parted ways due to weather issues.

And now, the oven-smoked version. I will admit to a bit of skepticism myself which is why I tried it early, as soon as I could find the fresh turkey. The recipe on Good Morning America called for a spatchcocked turkey. My local grocery store’s meat cutter was game if I was. He gave it a good try, but I’ve some suggestions for the next time we go that path. I also found a Michael Symon recipe from The Chew which used a whole turkey.

But back to the version I made last night. Soaking the wood chips. Lining the broiler pan. Putting herbs under the turkey on the grate and then setting it all in motion by putting it over two stove burners until it smoked. About a minute. Into the oven, foil on, foil off, butter garlic basting and by dinner time, a beautiful turkey. Moist, flavorful with just a touch of smoke. The house still has a touch of smoke also, so it wouldn’t hurt to have a beautiful day and to air it out. 

That said, we’re still debating this newest concept for Thanksgiving Day. But I’m thinking, we’re going to do it!

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