Alas, it's the 90/10

So much for the 80/20 rule I was trying to break myself of.

To review: It’s where you wear 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time. To discourage such, I read where hanging previously worn clothes backwards would show which you’d just worn and thus make you reach for something else. If you’re not wearing it, why keep it? Pass it on. So, to find out just how much of a bad habit I had, I tried it.

I immediately made exceptions with jeans, shorts, and seasonal skirts. That left all tops and dresses. (I do love summer dresses.) 

Alas, I’ve found that I’m not much for the 80/20. No. I’m more of a 90/10. It would appear that I reach for 10% of my wardrobe 90% of the time. That is, until I see the hanger backwards and force myself to re-evaluate. 

And it’s just early June. What will happen in a month? Will I have worn it all and thus start hanging it back the regular way thereby working this whole concept in reverse? 

This exercise is good for me because I have a tendency to buy on sale and keep. And keep. (Note: Can you ever really have too many deeply discounted, end-of-the-season tank tops?) Or, do too many things bring me joy?

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