Kittens: pi-squared, Kay: 0

Yes, that’s right, I’m being outfoxed and outwitted by a pair of kittens.

My mother was very cat savvy so I learned from her. Then I had the good fortune to have two neighbors who were encyclopedic in their knowledge of cats. To my credit, I listened and learned more. Alas, all three of these women are corralling cats in Heaven now and I am on my own. 

So, why kittens? I have two house cats, an aging grand-cat who nonetheless manages to get his own 15-year-old way and a two-year-old manipulator who showed up as a kitten and immediately brought us to heel. Our outdoor kitty, a companion to the manipulator, died shortly after Christmas and he has missed her. So, kittens. 

These two are from different litters by the same mother. The male, Goldie, has the sweetest face and, according to his first “mother,” a desire to come inside the house. The little female is a tuxedo kitty, about 3 months old. I have a soft spot for tuxedos and Freckles was going to be a favorite. 

And so it begins. Three days inside my utility room where Goldie made short work of a few antique Mason jars by leaping to the ten foot shelf, startling himself and managing to scatter glass everywhere. Scared (so was I), they spent the better part of the next two days huddling behind the freezer, coming out to eat and stare out the windows until we saw them and they’d promptly jump down and disappear. Freckles did spend some time in the “dog” house I’d bought for a shelter for them. Complete with thick towel, it was going to be a good spot to be safe in and observe the back yard from a perch atop the cushion box. 

Sunday was a beautiful day so I propped open the back door and screen and waited for them to go outside because that’s where they were raised and would obviously want to go back to. Three hours later, Freckles finally makes a break for it and disappears. Monday, after a trip to Walmart and the grocery and hearing mews, we find her under my car hood. She leaps and races toward the back of the property. We don’t spot her again until I put up a game camera and she’s sharing her food with a possum. Yesterday, I see her squeezing into the garage under a gap in the door. Never mind that she has a perfectly good “dog” house to go into.

As to Goldie, he finally came out from behind the freezer, ate at night and has taken to reconnoitering the house. He shows no signs of wanting to join his sister outside. The little rascal may have finally gotten his wish–to live inside. 

But, we need to be friends who cuddle so there is much work to do and someones are not meeting me halfway. I’d post a photo but I can’t catch them.

Kay, outwitted by kittens

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