Is there any Miss Clairol left?

With the recent closing of hair salons, I’m beginning to wonder how long it will take before everyone begins to look unkempt. Not that the meme which surfaced a few weeks ago–it will be only 3 or 4 weeks before we know everyone’s true hair color–isn’t true. It is. Unless, of course, there’s a run on Miss Clairol. 

One of my friends swears she’ll never indulge in such, instead allowing the gray to grow. But she’s not leaving her house either. If she must, I can imagine her in an artfully tied scarf like Lily Tomlin on “Grace and Frankie.”

As for me, I went with the natural look over 20 years ago. Not only did the various hair treatments bother my scalp (never tell a red-haired stylist you’re not afraid to be a redhead), but I finally succumbed to my genetic make-up.

My mother was a natural platinum blonde. Think Veronica Lake in the 40s. Gorgeous hair, rippling across her forehead and shoulders. Neither my sister nor me got that. My sister had the better color, a dark auburn, and I had, alas, what my mother termed “dirty blonde.” Or “dishwater blonde.” Either could be applied from her 30s/40s vocabulary. Not blonde. Not even slightly brown. It didn’t matter that in the sun there were red highlights (hence thinking I wasn’t afraid to be a redhead) and a true blonde streak up the back like my maternal grandmother. I was a dirty/dishwater blonde. 

And then, to add insult to injury, I started turning gray in my 20s. I know this because I was seated one day and my mother came behind me and said something to the effect that I was graying. I didn’t fight it was long as she did. Anyone remember gold hairspray? My mother tried that. She fought her platinum gone gray into her 40s and then when her hair went a gorgeous white, she went with it. 

My hair is still not white. It’s what happens when dishwater/dirty blonde goes gray. And it’s still three colors, not all of them flattering. But while I haven’t been tempted in years to go to the hair color aisle in the store, I don’t know that I can say the same for my friends.

Come on, girls, this is your chance to see what you really look like! And sometime later this year, you can go back to fooling us all. 

As I’ve told them, I’m the only one coming out of the lack of hair business on the right side. Now, as to my perpetual pedicures, also put on hold… It’s not going to be pretty.

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