One Year Past Perfect now offered for special price

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One Year Past Perfect will be a featured new release tomorrow on Free Kindle Books and Tips. In honor of this, I’ve made a special Kindle promo price of 99 cents for the weekend. Here’s your chance to catch a modern day Goldilocks and the Three Bears tale complete with scandalous diary, generational secrets, and a wonderful hero!

One Year Past Perfect final


The Ghost and Mrs. Muir–and me!

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I’ve always loved the 1947 movie The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, starring Gene Tierney and Rex Harrison. Today I get to share that love as I compare the movie to the book at Smart Bitches, Trashy Books.



Woman’s World and me

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The August 24 issue of Woman’s World magazine has my short romance, Young at Heart, on page 44. It’s so much fun writing these–and more fun seeing them in print!

August 24, 2015 issue

August 24, 2015 issue


One Year Past Perfect now available!

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One Year Past Perfect finalMy newest single-title contemporary romance, One Year Past Perfect, is now available in the Kindle store and will be soon on Nook. Think of it as a modern day Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The back cover blurb:

“Dr. Katti Thompson arrives in Honolulu to not only settle her great-aunt’s estate but also to find the older woman’s scandalous diary. If there are family secrets hidden within, Katti wants to read them while sitting on the deck of the beach house she’s inherited. But when she arrives, she finds the house occupied by three handsome Latin men–and they are reading the diary. The solution is obvious: Katti moves in as the new housekeeper.

Widower Cesar Osorio has risen from valet’s son on a Costa Rican coffee plantation to international fame as a singer and performer. His albums have sold millions but he wants this hotel gig to be his last. Now he just has to find the nerve to tell his brother-in-law and manager. It would help if his attention wasn’t diverted by the new housekeeper who acts like she owns the place.

One may be too old, one may be too young, but the one with the sad smile… he might be just right, even if, at thirty-six, Katti is one year past perfect.”

I’ve put up a new board on my Pinterest page also about this book. Check out www.pinterest.com/kaylaytonsisk.


Market research

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A self-published author’s work really only begins once she’s written the book, added a cover and formatting, and found the appropriate channels for selling it. Then the work of telling the world (and not just the friends and relatives) begins. Where to market it? How? How much to spend? How do you know if it the expense was worth it?

Actually, I think the answer to the last question is the easy one. Have you cleared expenses (formatting, cover, editing) and made a profit?

That aside, the name of the game is marketing. I’ve tried various sites at various price points (FiverrFree Kindle Books and Tips,SmartbitchestrashybooksDear Author to name a few) with up-and-down results. So, on to the next one, ereadernewstoday.com.

I’ll be advertising T’s Trial for 99 cents there on Friday, May 22. In the meantime, the Kindle edition is already at 99 cents and will be through Tuesday. So, here’s hoping the best marketing can work now: word of mouth.

There is no marketing better than the recommendation of a fellow reader. And for that, I thank you.


Bo’s Beauty completes the Bone Cold–Alive series!

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Bo’s Beauty went live this weekend for both Kindle and Nook. In it, I’m able to not only give the remaining bachelor band member his romance, but also help Fletcher, the band manager, come to a resolution with his first love. He’s chased her all over Australia, but will he be able to catch her in California? As to Bo’s Beauty, she’s proving to be elusive as well.

Bo's Beauty final aged


Ian’s Image available now

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Ian’s Image, the fifth of my Bone Cold–Alive series, is now available for download for Kindle and will be available for Nook and at CreateSpace soon.

“He should have been a concert violinist…

Ian Murray shucks the McMurray name the night he leaves Portland, Maine, and his family. His dreams weren’t theirs. He may return periodically, but they never acknowledge what he’s become, a top musician in the top rock band. He may have made a fortune, but money can’t buy the one thing he longs for.

She was never his equal…

Bostonian cellist Phillipa Gray envied Johnny McMurray his talent on the violin, the way his music teased her on her summer trips to her grandmother’s. Their families drove them apart once, but when she hears the sweetness of his strings again, the years fall away.

Life isn’t fair and sometimes the time isn’t right. Can they look beyond Ian’s image, not to the way it once was but the way it should have been all along?”

It’s a rocky road to love for Ian and Phillipa. Each family thinks the other beneath them. During one fateful summer week, Ian and Phillipa find themselves at “home” and find that staying apart was easy. It’s being together that could prove the most difficult.

Ian's Image final




Ron’s Run available now!

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I’ve started the new year with a new book! Ron’s Run is available in the Amazon Kindle store. While it is the fourth in the Bone Cold–Alive series, I believe it stands on its own. The back cover copy:

“Guilt drives him away…

Drummer Ron Gregory isn’t responsible for the tragedy which encompasses his family when he’s a teen, but they make him feel like he is. He runs away… to New Orleans, to gambling, to a life of irresponsibility. It’s a sorry combination, easy living and bad luck. Now he’s broke, in danger, and hiding at band manager Levi Fletcher’s Texas cabin.

She shouldn’t feel guilty…

British fashion photographer Bettina Montgomery is shocked to learn that her biological father is Levi Fletcher. Temptation may drive her to his cabin, but her quick reflexes give her the photo of a lifetime: a nude Ron Gregory! She won’t give it up until he straightens out his life, even if that means risking her heart all across Texas.

Which will be surrendered first: the photo, her secret, or the end of Ron’s Run?”

I hope you download a copy and enjoy!


New covers for the next two books!

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I have the covers for my next two books in the Bone Cold–Alive series, Ron’s Run and Ian’s Image.

Drummer Ron Gregory has gambled away most of his wealth and then, just when he decides to straighten out his life with one final payment, he’s tricked into almost losing not only his livelihood, but also his manhood. It takes fashion photographer Bettina Montgomery to push him into righting a series of past wrongs. And if there’s love along the way? So much the better.

Ian Murray began life as Johnny McMurray, but when his family spurned his growing love for the girl the next door, he changed his name and redirected his talent. Even now as a top musician in the top rock band, he can’t earn their respect. But when Phillipa Gray, the girl next door, shows up again, he decides what’s past is past. There’s a future they both deserve and should never have been deprived of. Now he just has to convince her.

Ron's Run final Ian's Image final




T’s Trial follow-up

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I was absolutely overwhelmed when the five day free period was over for T’s Trial. Over 4000 copies were downloaded!

Selfishly, I hope these translate into four-figure sales for the rest of the series, C’s Comeuppance and Tib’s Temptation, currently available. Coming soon: Ron’s Run, Ian’s Image and Bo’s Beauty.

Realistically, I know that I download a free book and then may take months to get around to reading it. So, it may be a while before things get cranking up. In the meantime, it’s write!


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