An Amazon Giveaway of A Suite Deal

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I’m trying something new with promotion, offering an Amazon Giveaway of A Suite Deal. You need to enter for a chance to win a copy delivered to your Kindle Library.

The details:

See this #AmazonGiveaway for a chance to win: A Suite Deal (Kindle Edition). The link.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Ends the earlier of Sep 17, 2016 11:59 PM PDT, or when all prizes are claimed. See Official Rules http://amzn.to/GArules.

If you know someone who’d like a chance to read a romantic comedy of misdirection and missed communication, please share the details.

A Suite Deal

A Suite Deal


Wedding Belle Blues

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Once I received my rights back from my former e-publisher, I determined to update the books and release them once again. This time I’m proud to announce the release of <i>Wedding Belle Blues</i>.

From the back cover copy–except there is no back cover as I’ve released this in e-only, but if there <i>were</i> back cover copy:

“How much drama can one wedding have? If it’s not bride Krista’s parents, it’s her four aunts. What they each need is a male distraction and guess what? They need only look under the engagement party tent.

Mary Willa is shocked to see her long ago ex taking the stage at the engagement party and even more traumatized to realize she’ll have to introduce him to their two daughters.

Felicia finds her husband’s infidelity the last straw in their shaky marriage and decides the photographer the perfect foil for her frustration.

Widow Penelope determines to break out of her good daughter image by taking the bridal party to Las Vegas. But why is the groom’s uncle following them?

Maureen is the in-your-face sister who’s earned her hard-nosed reputation. When guilt unexpectedly rears its ugly head, can the family priest heal her struggles?

What will it take to guarantee there are no Wedding Belle Blues?”

I tell WBB in five sections, each one dealing with a different couple and taking on one of the aspects of the wedding: engagement party; travel shower; bachelorette party; rehearsal dinner; and finally, The Wedding.

I’ve styled this as a romantic comedy. There’s nothing behind the bedroom doors, just a gentle falling into (or back into) love all over again.

Please have a look. WBB is available for Kindle, Nook, and iBooksWedding Belle Blues .


Now available at iBooks

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I added the last four books of my Bone Cold–Alive series to iBooks today. The first two, T’s Trial and C’s Comeuppance, are still in the Amazon-only world, but when they come out, I’ll add them to iBooks and Nook. Of course, they’ll still be available on Amazon. Tib's Temptation final

Ron's Run final

Ian's Image final

Bo's Beauty final aged


A Suite Deal is here!

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Over the weekend, I loaded A Suite Deal to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple iBooks. Price is $2.99 and as it’s full of miscommunication, misdirection, and a meddling family, what could be better for the holiday season?


A Suite Deal about to arrive!

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In 2003, I won the Virginia Romance Writer‘s HOLT Medallion for Short Contemporary with a small press romantic comedy, A Suite Deal. I’ve spent this fall tweaking and updating it and I have a great new cover for this new edition by Lyndsey Lewellen. I hope to have it for sale on Kindle, Nook, and iBooks by the end of the year. In the meantime, my cover:

A Suite Deal

A Suite Deal


One Year Past Perfect now offered for special price

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One Year Past Perfect will be a featured new release tomorrow on Free Kindle Books and Tips. In honor of this, I’ve made a special Kindle promo price of 99 cents for the weekend. Here’s your chance to catch a modern day Goldilocks and the Three Bears tale complete with scandalous diary, generational secrets, and a wonderful hero!

One Year Past Perfect final


The Ghost and Mrs. Muir–and me!

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I’ve always loved the 1947 movie The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, starring Gene Tierney and Rex Harrison. Today I get to share that love as I compare the movie to the book at Smart Bitches, Trashy Books.



Woman’s World and me

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The August 24 issue of Woman’s World magazine has my short romance, Young at Heart, on page 44. It’s so much fun writing these–and more fun seeing them in print!

August 24, 2015 issue

August 24, 2015 issue


One Year Past Perfect now available!

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One Year Past Perfect finalMy newest single-title contemporary romance, One Year Past Perfect, is now available in the Kindle store and will be soon on Nook. Think of it as a modern day Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The back cover blurb:

“Dr. Katti Thompson arrives in Honolulu to not only settle her great-aunt’s estate but also to find the older woman’s scandalous diary. If there are family secrets hidden within, Katti wants to read them while sitting on the deck of the beach house she’s inherited. But when she arrives, she finds the house occupied by three handsome Latin men–and they are reading the diary. The solution is obvious: Katti moves in as the new housekeeper.

Widower Cesar Osorio has risen from valet’s son on a Costa Rican coffee plantation to international fame as a singer and performer. His albums have sold millions but he wants this hotel gig to be his last. Now he just has to find the nerve to tell his brother-in-law and manager. It would help if his attention wasn’t diverted by the new housekeeper who acts like she owns the place.

One may be too old, one may be too young, but the one with the sad smile… he might be just right, even if, at thirty-six, Katti is one year past perfect.”

I’ve put up a new board on my Pinterest page also about this book. Check out www.pinterest.com/kaylaytonsisk.


Market research

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A self-published author’s work really only begins once she’s written the book, added a cover and formatting, and found the appropriate channels for selling it. Then the work of telling the world (and not just the friends and relatives) begins. Where to market it? How? How much to spend? How do you know if it the expense was worth it?

Actually, I think the answer to the last question is the easy one. Have you cleared expenses (formatting, cover, editing) and made a profit?

That aside, the name of the game is marketing. I’ve tried various sites at various price points (FiverrFree Kindle Books and Tips,SmartbitchestrashybooksDear Author to name a few) with up-and-down results. So, on to the next one, ereadernewstoday.com.

I’ll be advertising T’s Trial for 99 cents there on Friday, May 22. In the meantime, the Kindle edition is already at 99 cents and will be through Tuesday. So, here’s hoping the best marketing can work now: word of mouth.

There is no marketing better than the recommendation of a fellow reader. And for that, I thank you.

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